Exposure light

Suspension and distance

Over the faces

Mental lanscape, political territory

liquid as painting

Internal excess

urbain active area, in situ
Chroma key on a facade of a building on his sidewalk and the roadway
Take me away, is an in situ a piece of art, located at "Les Grands Voisins" - The Great Neighbors - (Former Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, Paris, 14th arrdt). It shows, through an aesthetic form, notions of "state of the moment". A temporary state, as a threshold between two worlds. Concretely, the project consists of the painting of a wall of a building, the sidewalk and the roadway green, using the actual cinema chromakey type paint. Take me away, is offered to all, as an active urban canvas.
Some free Androïd and Apple Apps are available. Free for the public to turn them into a photographic tool and make their own great experience in keying and travelling. The piece of art, benefits from its own location among the associative environment of "Les Grand Voisins", in particular through its image pole "Workshop in a Hurry" about to open next mid-September. So far, the green covers only 10% of the surface the artist desired. Nevertheless, the adventure can begin. Here are pictures of the project and tests.
Your turn, in the place ! Les Grands Voisins 82, Avenue Denfert-Rochereau 75 014 Paris - http://lesgrandsvoisins.org
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