Movies and Videos
Asylum, 2019-2021
Bloody sea, 2019
Bloody sea, 2017
CLOUD, 2012 / 2013
By the way, 2013
Some dreams of a sculpture, 2012_2014
Lalala, 2011
pocket revo, 2010
Girlfish, 2010
Salsas en las Bardenas reales, 2007
D106, 2007
Le réalisateur et l'acteur, 2005
Commencement, 2010
Murmurs, 2010

Sculptures, Objets d'architectures and situations



2012 / 2013

All my videos are up to date on the Alix Delmas You Tube channel
Above clouds, several plates of weld wire mesh are handing from a crane's hook. We can hear waves and wind coming to lick an imaginary beach. The iron's rocking makes a fascinating mobile and immobile object of architecture. These plates are usually included in concrete slabs. They solidify foundations. Hanging in the sky, it seems to be a metal cloud stopping the time, a building site's stopping, and more extensively a personnal, a social or a political construction stagnancy and probably personnal...
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